How long is the Warranty of water bubble wall?

One year warranty.

Where does the water bubble panel use?

Water bubble wall are widely decorated in household and commercial projects, including office, home, hotel, bar, KTV, restaurant, store, shopping mall, business center, supermarket, leisure bar, ceremony, holiday garden etc.

How to correctly use the water pipe to siphon water?

Firstly, install the water pump, please know clear about the water inlet and water outlet. Secondly, when it’s need to inject water, prepare a bucket of water, put water inlet in the bucket, then water outlet putted in the acrylic panel, then pump the water manually. (If need to pour the water out, so reverse operation)


Which water will be suitable to input into the bubble wall ?

Distilled water or pure water is recommended, to prevent the calcium deposits* and algae producing in the acrylic panel. Water from taps is not recommended due to the easy stain of the water.

*Calcium deposits will clog up your air jets.

How often to change the water?

If the product keep working, and using the distilled water, then every three months even one year to change the water is ok. Once the water has the algae and calcium deposits, then should change the water immediately.

Where is the factory located?

Shunde Area in Foshan City, China, near Guangzhou, welcome to visit our factory.


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